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HCV & LCV Segment
HCV (Heavy Commercial Vehicle) and LCV (Light Commercial Vehicle) segments categorize vehicles based on weight and capacity. HCVs, like trucks and buses, are utilized for heavy-duty transportation, offering high payload capacity and long-distance capabilities. LCVs, comprising vans and pickups, are versatile for urban deliveries, with agility and moderate cargo space.
Radiator fans are important components of a cooling system of vehicle, regulating engine temperature by drawing air by means of the radiator. They prevent overheating during high-stress conditions, ensuring optimal engine performance and longevity. These fans come in a number of designs, comprising electric and mechanical, offering efficiency, reliability, and convenience of installation.
The Push Union Group is a collection of fittings utilized in plumbing and pneumatic systems. They enable fast and tool-free connection of pipes or tubes, saving time and labor. Offering a secure seal, these fittings are versatile and compatible with different materials, enhancing system efficiency and reducing maintenance needs.
The Fasteners Group comprises varied mechanical components like bolts, nuts, screws, and rivets utilized to join objects securely. Widely utilized in automotive, construction, manufacturing, and aerospace industries, they offer super strength, corrosion resistance, and convenience of installation. Fasteners facilitate efficient assembly processes, guaranteeing structural reliability and ease of maintenance.
Anti Roll Bar Kit
The Anti Roll Bar Kit is a suspension component utilized in vehicles for reducing body roll during cornering. It connects the left and right sides of the suspension system, enhancing stability and traction. Made from high-strength materials like aluminum or steel, it improves handling and reduces the risk of rollovers.
Centre Joint Bracket
The Centre Joint Bracket is a type of versatile component utilized in automobile, electrical, construction, mining, and varied industries. It provides support, alignment, and reinforcement for structures and assemblies. Crafted from durable materials like aluminum or steel, it enhances stability, streamlines assembly, and guarantees structural integrity in diverse applications.

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